Silver Falls Half Marathon – 11/6/16

As you may (or may not) know by now, Jesse & I love the Silver Falls Half Marathon. It’s the first weekend in November, it’s wildly popular, and it’s incredibly gorgeous. A high percentage of our favorite running people join us for the mud-fest and we have such a fantastic time catching up, running, eating, and enjoying Silver Falls.

As we do every year, we mark our calendars for when registration opens and sign up right away. There are now 2 waves for the half marathon and I was bold enough to think I could finish in under 2:15…I signed up for Wave 1.

This event was only 2 weeks after the Circumburke Marathon in Vermont, so we were both skeptical of recovery time. But hey. I was never going to be first so I am never too hard on myself about being in peak performance mode. I’m just there to enjoy the trails. And did I ever!

The weather was ideal and the trails did not disappoint. I ran along with a former colleague of mine and we kept a good pace for the first 10 miles or so. Going up the stairs, I stopped for photos and he pulled away. Jesse, of course, finished ages in front of me.

I ran without water or food (for the first time in a while). The last aid station I had a quick cup of electrolytes, as I knew the final hill would need to be conquered. A woman shouted “There’s Coke, too!” and I tossed the sports drink aside for some carbonated high fructose corn syrup. I grabbed a vanilla Oreo and sped away to the finish line.

The final hill seemed much less daunting this year. I climbed it with ease and enjoyed the slip and slide down the other side. The sun was shining and I looked forward to the fire pit waiting for me.

I came in at 2:17. Almost Wave 1-worthy. I’ll take it!

Psst! You can see our professional photos here, here, and here.



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