SOB 15km – 7/23/16

Three out of the last 4 years, Jesse and I have made our way to southern Oregon for the Siskiyou Out Back trail run. It’s one of Jesse’s favorite events and this was my first year actually running it. However, with July already full up with events, we both had to opt for the shorter distance this time.

Per usual, we arrived at the mountain in the middle of the night (*ahem* 1 AM) and slept in the car. We “stayed” in our usual spot, woke up and had some oatmeal, and drove up to the start line. The morning was beautiful and Mt. Shasta could be seen in the distance. That mountain is absolutely stunning.


Photo courtesy of SOB Flickr

The course is along the Pacific Crest Trail and the southern Oregon section is much different than up here. It’s more dirt, less pine needles. It’s slightly rockier and the trees aren’t as dense. It’s every bit as beautiful – just in a different way. I haven’t met a section of the PCT I didn’t like, though.

Jesse started off at a pretty good clip and I didn’t see him again until the finish line, despite there being a decent stretch where the course loops back around on itself.

I was feeling awfully tired and was just taking it easy. No PRs for me that day, but I was happy just enjoying the view!



Photo courtesy of SOB Flickr


There was a long downhill section where I was able to make up some time and eventually I found myself running with a local guy and we chatted away the last few miles. I forget his name and how long he’s lived there and how many times he’s done the race – but I’m always grateful for the social aspect of events. Trail runners are inspirational, interesting, and have the amazing capability of making the miles seem shorter.


I finished a few minutes above my goal time, but who’s counting!?


We didn’t stick around for much of the after party; we were both pretty keen to get home. It was a short-lived weekend, but I love making the trip every year.