May 2016 (so far)

Just time for a quick recap of the second quarter of 2016. So far it’s been filled with mostly boring bridge loops for my training, climbing for cross-training, walking the dog, work, and other non-interesting life things.

It has had a few high points, which I’d love to share photos of!

1. The flowers are blooming all over Portland and I can’t get enough of them!

2. My sister was at the coast for Mother’s Day weekend for a work retreat so I drove over and stole her away for an afternoon. We hiked up Neakahnie Mountain in Manzanita on a wonderfully warm Saturday. Laughing, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company, we reached the top, scrambled to the summit, and relished the view.

3. The next weekend my parents came to visit just because. It was a weekend of festivals in Portland and we found ourselves downtown at the Saturday Market then North Portland for the St. John’s Bizarre (which features the world’s longest parade – I personally awarded them that honor after 2.5 hours).

4. I volunteered as a running buddy for Girls on the Run in Portland (while Jesse subsequently raised awareness for heart disease with a 5k walk with his colleagues). We had a practice 5k in early March and the ‘real’ 5k on May 21st. It was a mediocre experience for me (for various reasons), but I’d be open to doing it again next year. The program seems really great and the energy was awesome! Ah, to be an innocent 10 year old at a dance party…


img_2082 5. Today, Sunday the 22nd, I went with two girlfriends to the Clackamas River Trail and we ran 13 miles through the Mt. Hood National Forest. It was all on singletrack, featured lots of old growth trees, and we took a small detour to peek at Pup Creek Falls. It was a spectacular morning.


As I type this, I’m at home and it’s raining, my dog is at my feet, and I’m eating chocolate cake straight from the serving plate. Life is good.


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