Happy 2016!

We rang in the new year with a run, of course. The “First Run” in fact. Right at midnight, Jesse, Erin, and I did two bridge loops – a very chilly 10k! We didn’t hang out too long for the after party because the heat lamps were hard to access and it was stinkin’ cold! But it was fun to jog back to the car and have all the drunken party people gawk at us in disbelief.


In early February, we made our way northeast to a very cold Canada to visit family. We took in some cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and a day of downhill in between family time. I may have even been talked into taking up knitting..! The socks below were made with love and I adore them – I want to learn how to make them for everyone I love as well.


img_1658 img_1674



Soon after our return, my sister came to stay with us for a few days, which was really lovely. I hadn’t spent quality sister time with her in a while and I loved being able to show her a few of the great parts of Portland. I kept her busy; we had two rounds of yoga, two rounds of rock climbing, a hike in Forest Park, brunch, dessert at Papa Haydn, a movie date, and other miscellaneous nonsense! I’m hoping she’ll return when the weather is slightly better so we can do a bit more exploring.





Also, somewhere in there, this happened! It’s been so long for so long and it was time. I’m loving it!


This year also happens to be Leap Year and on a whim, Jesse and I ran the Leap Day Half Marathon in Beaverton, OR. It was a free event on Monday morning along the Westside Regional Trail (of course, in the rain). It was a fairly hilly run but we had a great spread to look forward to at the finish line – cookies, donuts, oranges…the works. We definitely took advantage of our extra day this year!