San Diego – 12/6/15

One of my best friends has lived in San Diego for over a year and I had yet to go visit her. Granted, I was halfway around the world for a good chunk of that, but still. The time had come. I needed to go.

So in early December I left my boys at home and flew to sunny San Diego for a fabulous girls weekend of diner breakfast, hiking (and post-hiking milkshakes), running, refrigerator maintenance, movies, Christmas tree decorating, new car mischief, and, my favorite, girl talk. It was the best of times.

I still have trouble with warm weather, sun dresses, and outdoor seating when it’s December, but I was happy to escape the cold and rainy Pacific Northwest for a few days. A favorite memory of mine from that weekend will be the street tacos, chips and salsa, and Christmas decorations on the patio. So delicious…and so bizarre. (A close 2nd memory of the weekend is forgetting to bring money for our hike and having to park a mile away from the trailhead in a residential area.)

I didn’t get pictures of most of my time there because we weren’t up to much, adventure-wise. But on Sunday morning we hiked to “Potato Chip Rock” – which was perfect for photo ops. Here are some of the highlights:


Our matching outfits were an accident, I swear!

Looks great, right? It was, and while I maintain both are beautiful, I’ve concluded I prefer lush green forests and snowy mountain ranges to the beautiful beaches and desert-y boulder fields. But to continuously appreciate one, you must visit the other sometimes. I won’t say no that!


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