Winter Wonderland(s) – Dec 2015

Last year at this time we were in New Zealand of course and we completely missed “winter” in the Pacific Northwest. We didn’t get to snowshoe or ski and we certainly didn’t take in any sledding. While our second summer of 2014 was certainly enjoyed, I’ve been a skier since forever and I was missing that part of the year. Few things are as refreshing as the crisp mountain air, clean snow, and being simultaneously hot and cold on a chairlift!

This year, we have been (and still plan to) make up for it and have our winter wonderland fun.

It started with a “snowshoe” trip to Mt. Hood. We ended up not needing our snowshoes and just wandered around the mountain in our running shoes…but nevertheless… 

Our second round of winter fun was when we were in Idaho mid-December for an early Christmas with my family (and a big pack of dogs). Jesse was a bit mischievous with the girls as they stood under snow covered trees..!


We took in some sledding on the back roads…


And when we were too tired to continue walking up the hill, we had a few extra sledding runs in the yard!


Over the long Christmas weekend, we joined our good friends for a day of actual Mt. Hood snowshoeing. With the dogs in tow (wearing booties and all), we conquered the Trillium Lake loop. It was a gorgeous blue bird day and we soaked in all the views of the mountain we could.


We had a few days of treacherous freezing rain around Portland, which basically shuts the city down, but we’re now back to a “basic” Portland winter of gray skies and rainy days. I’m looking forward to additional snowy mountain adventures in the next few months.


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