Bridge Pedal – 8/9/15

The Providence Bridge Pedal is a massive cycling event in Portland where all types of people get on all types of bikes and clog up the bridges of Portland. I mean, enjoy cycling over the bridges of Portland. This year there were around 20,000 cyclists – Jesse and I included.

IMG_0841We signed up last minute with some of Jesse’s colleagues / friends and, of course, chose the longest route available, which includes all 11 bridges. It was quite cool to be able to ride over the Fremont and Marquam bridges, which are normally only accessible by car, and the newest bridge, Tillikum Crossing, was opened that day for the event and for the public to enjoy before its official opening in September.

We rode our bikes from home, hopped in line for our wave’s massive start, and off we went. It was chaos and slow riding at the start so we skipped the line for several bridges, heading down to Sellwood to kick things off and worked our way back to the city.


IMG_0842 IMG_0856

The event had a few pit stops along the route that included water, juice, and donuts. Because it wasn’t even 7 AM yet, I would have traded those items for coffee, but was grateful for the treat nonetheless.


Crossing the Hawthorne Bridge!


The new bridge, Tillikum Crossing!


A pit stop on the Fremont Bridge before heading up to North Portland…


We concluded the event by devouring some burritos by the new bridge and then Jesse and I rode home. For us it ended up being about 50 miles in the saddle.

When we got back home I was ready for shower and a nap, but I had to skip the nap because I had completely forgotten that I was going to the Bernie Sanders rally with Brittany! She showed up about half hour after we got home and we went to show some political support for the Presidential candidate. It was a crazy Sunday! #feelthebern


The event was so large it had to be moved from the Memorial Coliseum to the Moda Center – there were about 20,000 people inside and about 9,000 outside. It was his biggest turnout to-date. I’m glad Brittany talks me into being politically involved!



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