Wisconsin – May 28-30, 2015

My grandmother passed away in late May. It was mostly horrible and that’s all I want to share about it.


Me, Grandma, & my sister –circa 1998

So…I was in Wisconsin for a few days and was able to get in a 12 miler for some alone time.

I planned it out to be about 2 miles on trail at Standing Rocks park and the rest was on road out to my uncle’s house. Wisconsin is fairly flat but I’ll confess it was annoyingly rolling at times.




I had a confusing moment looking at this map…took me a while to figure out the screw was the “You are here” marker! *face palm*

To add to the drama…it looked like a tornado was after me! The sky was seriously dark and the wind picked up, but it stayed dry. I like to think I out-ran the rain. If anything, it was a nice reprieve from the hot and humid Midwest air.

20150529_230826770_iOS 20150529_231411021_iOS

I chased my run down with watermelon, chocolate cake, and a few hours of Frisbee with my dad. To be completely honest, I was more sore from the Frisbee than from the run!

I also enjoyed this sign in the tiny airport in central Wisconsin. Seems legit, right? 


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