Sorry Sorry Sorry

Hi, hi, I know, I know! It’s been a while, I realize. But if you promise to keep following me I promise to be better about posting. Deal?

In any case, it’s been such a busy month! Jesse and I have both started working and our calendar has quickly filled up again. “Snap, back to reality.” Spring is in full force and being back in Portland is fabulous, as we knew it would be. We are renting an adorable house in the Montavilla neighborhood and are enjoying being so close to Mt. Tabor. I am back to work in the downtown area and love being in the city center every day as I was before.

Riley is glad to be settled, I think. He’s much calmer in our new house than I think he ever has been, which is definitely a welcome change!

IMG_6619 IMG_6665 IMG_6671

As expected, Forest Park welcomed us back with open arms and you can find me there 8 days a week 😉



(Post-run strawberry milkshakes!)
One particularly fun day was an impromptu trip to Silver Falls for a quick 8 miler. It’s such a beautiful run and we were lucky to get to go on a sunny weekday and basically had the place to ourselves!

IMG_6574 IMG_6588

Just thought I’d drop a little update on our lives back in the US. Until next time…