Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

An update from the world travelers!

Jesse and I are safe and sound back in Portland. It isn’t where we necessarily planned to land, but here we are…and it feels like home.

Portland welcomed us with open arms. One of the first things we did was go for a run on our beloved Wildwood Trail in Forest Park and it was such a treat. We also have taken up ice skating as our new sport! (Just kidding, it was just this once but still! Look how cute we are!)


We are staying with our incredible friends in North Portland while we settle in and begin our house / job hunts and resume real life. Sometimes it feels like we were never in NZ at all. It can be funny how you plan and plan and do and go and see and pretty soon it’s all over and you’re only left with pictures and memories. But ‘home’ isn’t ever the same because you’re different now. I guess that’s how you know it really happened.

I flew to Idaho shortly after our arrival to get Riley and my car. I spent almost a week with my family and was grateful for all the time with my sister – horseback riding, shopping, lunches, the playground…(and yes, there are 5 dogs in there. It’s a bizarre pack)



…and even though we came from a beautiful summer down under, the weather in the PNW has been so lovely we were able to get to the lake for a quick boating excursion. It was such a glorious day and it was a rare occasion where it was just Mom, Dad, my sister, and me.

A little food, a few blankets, and 33 miles on the lake. Perfection.

20150308_145454 20150308_144950 20150308_140332

I managed to get in one run before I caught Sheridan’s cold. A lovely 8 miles on Rolling Hills Road. Aptly named, I might add…

IMG_6492 IMG_6494

I hope everyone is having / had a lovely weekend! xoxo


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