West Coast, best coast. In my honest opinion, this is true in the States and true in New Zealand as well.

We made our way slowly down the stunning coastline to Greymouth for a weekend of birthdays and of course, running.

We made a pit-stop in Punakaiki to check out the Pancake Rocks and to walk on the beach for a while; it was blustery as! Throw in some typhoon-like rain and I’d almost believe we were back in Oregon!. Sadly the blowholes weren’t in action, but the rocks were still really neat to see and the waves crashing up on the beaches was quite mesmerizing.

On the left-hand side of this first photo you can see why they’re called ‘Pancake Rocks’!


IMG_6163 IMG_6154 IMG_6149

The event(s) in Greymouth, the Mountain Man and Goat Race, was an epic Saturday of kayaking, road cycling, mountain biking, and trail running. Jesse’s friend Nic was the only one committed to the full adventure day, but Jesse and Nic’s dad were signed up for the run (as was I, but I backed out last minute) and I hear it was a brutal event. The 25 km race climbed over the Croesus Track, which featured about 1,700 m (over 5,600 feet) of climbing.


While the guys were all running, I did a little 10 km of my own on the Point Elizabeth Trail. Nic’s dad claimed this was the best trail in the world and I could definitely see why it’s his favorite.

IMG_6172 IMG_6173

Sunday was a rest day and then Jesse and I took in the Franz Josef Glacier on Monday. The whole drive down Jesse’s sister kept me updated on my beloved Packers’ score, which was bittersweet. They lost, but at least she was joining in on my pain. Also, because I am so in love with MallowPuffs, we found a really special treat at a bakery in Greymouth for the trip!


Again it was dark and rainy and we were [stupidly] in our jeans for the hike, braving the wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. We didn’t get to walk out onto the glacier like visitors could in years past but it was a good hike regardless.

IMG_6181 IMG_6182 IMG_6180

It was a fantastic weekend amongst great company!

And I’ll finish off the post with a quick shot of some graffiti I found after breakfast one day. I do enjoy well done street art…



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