South Island | Routeburn Track (1/3/15)

After a windy night of camping on Lake Te Anau, Jesse and I hung out in the morning on the beach, enjoying hard boiled eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. Afterwards it was almost enjoyable doing dishes with this view!


We headed off in search of the Routeburn Track – another New Zealand Great Walk. It was pretty easy to find and I do believe we took the last available parking space, so we expected the trail to be busy!

We slathered on the sunscreen, per usual, and set off (you’ll see I’m wearing my Taupo Skydiving buff for additional sun protection). Our goal was to make it to the summit and head back down; an easy 2.5 mile trip.

Part way up the track we stopped to enjoy a kaka playing with a beehive. He had a beautiful red underbelly and it was fun to watch him dig for snacks. I snapped a few photos, but the zoom on my camera is not so great, so they weren’t really worth posting. Sorry guys!

But the views on the rest of the track were pretty great, too!

IMG_5948 IMG_5954 IMG_5962 IMG_5964 IMG_5966 IMG_5958 IMG_5955

We did the additional “Nature Walk” loop around the summit to see Lake Marian, and before we headed back down we carried on to the first hut, adding about 30 minutes to the day. I loved the view from here!

IMG_5968We ended up back at the windy campsite for the evening. It was a pretty good spot, actually and we were able to stay there cheaply so I didn’t mind the redundancy.


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