Bouldering at Castle Hill – 12/29/14

To begin the week, Jesse, Dan, Laura, and I packed up the car with climbing shoes, towels, extra layers, sunscreen, and heaps of food for a day of fun. We drove a few hours and our first stop was for some bouldering at Castle Hill.

The area is filled with limestone boulders in peculiar shapes and sizes, but it goes on for ages and looks really cool. Also perfect for some difficult bouldering! But we all had fun figuring out the routes, each conquering some, and just enjoyed the scenery. It was a little sketchy without pads, but we all walked away uninjured so I’ll call it a win.

DSC08171 DSC08218 DSC08192 IMG_5876 DSC08255 IMG_5887

After our climbing session, we carried on down the road for a little Cave Stream action. I don’t have any photos from this because, well, it was pitch black. The cave is about 600 meters long, featuring waist-deep water, waterfalls, and various rock formations inside. We strapped on our headlamps and waded in – it was a lovely reprieve from the New Zealand sun!

After our caving trek, we headed in the direction of Christchurch, making a small detour for the Wharfedale Track for a little running/hiking. With such amazing views, sweet singletrack, and a waterfall destination, I can definitely see why this is one of Jesse’s favorite trails. He was the only one brave enough to jump in the waterfall, though!

IMG_5888 IMG_5908 IMG_5893

Another epic day in New Zealand, for sure.


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