Avalanche Peak – 12/24/14

‘Twas the day before Christmas and the Waas’ were hiking
We chose Avalanche Peak rather than running or biking
We could have stayed home in our pajamas all day
To await Santa Claus, his reindeer, and sleigh

All across Christchurch everyone was still sleeping
But up a mountain we climbed, to the peak we were creeping
The mountains were snowy, and the trail was quite steep
But the views were fantastic (minus the sheep)

We had our packs full of water and extra layers of clothes
Would there be rain or shine, in New Zealand who knows
To stave off our hunger, we had salami and cheese
‘Twas the most wonderful snack from Jesse’s thoughtful colleague

We saw gorgeous waterfalls, kea, and flowers
Up, up, and up, the trail went on for hours
How high did we climb? 3,600 feet or more
The scenery was beautiful, but man was I sore!

The track was relentless, the scree razor-sharp
But we had to keep going to get back before dark
We took selfies up top, to get every angle we turned
But we couldn’t stay long, we were getting sunburned!

The descent was brutal, Scott’s Track just as demanding
But after 3 hours of climbing, I was just glad to be standing
One final stop for food, peanut butter and jelly
We had a mouse join us, hoping to also fill his belly!

At the end of it all, in the water we went
After so long in the sun, we were all feeling spent
The water was cold, it felt good on our feet
The perfect end to the day, an enjoyable treat

If you’re up for an adventure, a full day can you stomach?
‘Cause few things are as grand as a mountain peak summit
It’s worth the sore legs, the hunger, and bug bites,
With my husband and brother, my summer Christmas was just right!

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