Sumner / Taylor’s Mistake

Taylor’s Mistake is a beautiful bay just south of Christchurch near the cute beachy town of Sumner. Jesse took me there on a particularly stunning day and we enjoyed a casual hike along the coast, some ice cream, and burying our legs in the sand. The color of the ocean never fails to impress me and I almost forgot to be disappointed that we didn’t see any penguins!

IMG_5711 IMG_5714 IMG_5718 IMG_5722 IMG_5720

Earlier that week some of Jesse’s friends invited us to their running club’s scavenger hunt! It was such a fun evening gathering clues all over the Port Hills, dodging sheep, and braving the wind. We ended the night with barbecued pineapple, presents, and Santa!




We’ve also been getting in some good slacklining around the city. We’ve had so many laughs in Hagley Park…it has the best trees (if you can stay on despite the wind)!



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