Some Wisconsin Time

My last day of work snuck up on me. It was a bittersweet last day, which is probably how most last days should be. We ate cake and finished up some loose ends, then I unplugged my computer, hugged all my office mates, and drove home to continue the never-ending task of packing. I had a sad good-bye dinner with my best friend Brittany and the next day, Jesse and I were on a plane to the midwest.IMG_5197IMG_5201

We had a really dreadful flight itinerary, leaving Portland in the evening, flying to Denver, then Chicago (enjoying a 5 hour layover at midnight), then a quick flight up to Madison. We rented a mediocre compact and drove up to Stevens Point to my Grandma’s house. My mom was there as well and we spent the next few days catching up with my extended family.

We took an afternoon to get in a good run along the Green Circle Trail, which was actually a really decent trail around the city. In total, it’s about 26 miles through forests and parks and other natural areas. The segment we did ended up being just shy of 16 miles. Along the way, we kept seeing signs that the trail is used for cross country skiing during the winter. Bonus for Stevens Point!


We were in Wisconsin at a particularly beautiful time of year (normally it’s flat and fairly boring). But this time the trees were gorgeous colors of reds and yellows. And my absolute favorite fall colors: Green and Gold!

We took in the Packers vs. Panthers game at Lambeau Field. My home away from home.


(Rodgers was on fire and the Packers stomped them. It was amazing.)

We flew back to Portland after a few days and resumed packing, cleaning, hauling, donating, and having ridiculous dinners of coffee and chocolate cake.



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