Our Wedding: September 7th, 2014

We gathered so many people who loved us for our very special wedding day, in our very special place. They came from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Germany, England, Portland, and Idaho to be with us and we are forever grateful. It was a week of so many laughs, stories, and adventures. We ate so much bread and saw so many beautiful mountains. I never want to forget a second of it.

Our wedding day arrived and we were all set to go. Everything and everyone was so casual; just the way we wanted. Jesse and I were each writing our vows at the last minute, sneaking glances at each other and grinning ear to ear. It was a lazy morning, drinking coffee and giggling at the boys picking flowers for me. Our photographer, Olivia Bolesworth, was busy snapping photos of everyone who was ready, of my dress, of our rings, the beautiful morning, the barns…and me. She did such a fantastic job and I am in LOVE with her photos!

_DSC0144 _DSC0156 _DSC0190 _DSC0217 _DSC0265 _DSC0311 DSC_0075 DSC_0087 DSC_0089 DSC_0090


Dad, Olivia, and I made the drive up to the venue and enjoyed Olivia’s rental (which she so sweetly decorated with wildflowers). A gorgeous black Audi convertible – ugh, so much fun!


Isn’t Jesse just SO handsome!?


Because we were enjoying the car and the mountain shots so much, we were the last to arrive. It was a quick 10 minute hike up to our spot, so my entrance was quite grand.



This was the “aisle”, complete with cow pies. And the love of my life at the other end.





I love this photo of Sheridan. She’s got the “WTF am I supposed to do with these?” look.


Jesse and I opted to wear trail shoes, because “when in Rome”, right?


My family:



And of course these guys provided the “music” for the entire ceremony!


Some fun photos on the rickety lookout tower were taken…


The day wouldn’t have been complete without some trail running!



Some randoms that I love:

DSC_0277 DSC_0280



Even though it’s not Wednesday today, I can’t resist #wcw for my gorgeous sisters. Both are too pretty for words.

DSC_0379 copy


And just like that, Jesse and I were married. Funny, because we already were married (for about 2 months). But this day…my goodness. So surreal. Jesse’s uncle did such an amazing job with our ceremony, the weather was perfection, and so is my husband. At this point, though, we were hungry. So we hiked down, ready for some lunch. Just like that.

DSC_0402 copy

Such a good lookin’ crew!


Having a little fun =]


Upon our arrival, the other patrons in the restaurant began clapping and singing and smiling. It was incredibly special, albeit a little embarrassing!


Our lunch at the refuge / restaurant was spectacular. Local pork sausage, salad, potatoes, berry tarts…all flawless. But first…a toast.

_DSC0569 _DSC0581


I don’t know what’s happening in this next photo – but I love everything about it!


This outstanding group insisted on singing us a traditional French wedding song, with an air guitar solo as an encore! It was one of my favorite moments of our lunch!



There was some question of whether or not our cake had been delivered. We had pretty much conceded that it had not until our lovely waitress brought it out, antlers and all! This cake, a gorgeous croquembouche, was very intimidating!


After lunch, the view of Mt. Blanc was irresistible, so we made our way down, enjoying the sights, each other, the car, and the moment.




Had a few spectators waiting for us on the drive down!

_DSC0749 _DSC0759 DSC_0530 DSC_0537

We made our way off the mountain for some photos around town (some of which were supposed to be private, but we got caught anyways!). We ended our day with a bouquet toss and a very mild “wreck the dress”, where we jumped onto an inflatable bouncy thing (which cost us 2 euros and a verbal waiver of liability!).


DSC_0571 DSC_0616






We were just about tired of all the photos after that, so we decided to reconvene at the barns and just chill for the afternoon. We rode on the back of the convertible up the mountain, the radio up, Olivia driving. It was the scene from a movie, I’m certain. It can’t have been real life.

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from the whole thing. I want this on our wall, as big as it can be!



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