Hello, Fall

To round out our beautiful September, Jesse and I wandered down to Silver Falls for old times’ sake (one of our first “dates” was a lovely trip Silver Falls). The last time we had been there was for his marathon in November, so it had been a minute or two.

The day was classic fall – crisp in the morning with a delightfully sunny afternoon; the trails littered with brightly colored leaves. The waterfalls make the run, for sure, but they were definitely much less impressive due to our unusually dry summer. It was easy to see where the water levels had been and probably should be at this point in the year but nevertheless, it’s always worth the drive.

photo 1

Silver Falls was busy, as expected, and for the first mile or so we were dodging small children (and large ones), the usual “selfie” groups, and the occasional regular hiker. Once we made it past the first two waterfalls, the crowds thinned and we could pick up the pace.

photo 2

It was a glorious 8 mile loop and the miles seemed to melt away with ease. Sometimes runs just feel easy and those are the days to cling to.

photo 3

The rest of the week boasted some bouldering (including the Portland Boulder Rally), a couple of shorter runs, and a few rest days before our Condor 25k. We also received our wedding photos! I am looking forward to putting up a little gallery soon!

(Random photo: on one of my bridge loop recovery runs, I was feeling a little fatigued somewhere in the middle and was instantly perked up by this little gem. Good work, Portland!)



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