Sunshine and Summertime

I blame the heat, really. Portland has had a ridiculously hot (or gorgeous, depending on your climate outlook) summer and I’m tired about it.

Most people get super fit in the summer, right? Outdoors all the time, getting tan and enjoying nature and the sun and lack of rain. Well…this girl prefers the gray skies and cooler temperatures. So…I’ve been basking in the glory that is our 800 square foot house with air conditioning binge watching Orange is the New Black (much to Jesse’s dismay). But frankly, I don’t do so well when temperatures are above 80 degrees (Fahrenheit, that is).

So running has been minimal, if not non-existent. Ice cream, however, has been in abundance! Fair trade? I think soooo!

Jesse ran the Cascade Lakes Relay again this year, as a fill-in again even! He was on the same ultra team he was on last year, the Short Chain Fatty Asses, with many of the same people. I maintain he is like Santa and visits them only once per year. I trekked down to Bend to pick him up on Saturday (this would have been Aug 2nd). His team did really well and it’s such a fun atmosphere to hang out in. They finished in just under 33 hours! Exhaustion and camaraderie go hand in hand with something like this and they were all looking pret-ty disheveled at the finish line!

photo 1photo 2

My mom and my sister were in town for my “bridal shower” this past weekend. They wanted to do something for me, so I told them to come to Portland and we’d just spend the weekend together. Jesse took off for Mt. Hood to go mountain biking/camping and it was just us girls, and 3 dogs, all weekend. We went to brunch, hiked in Forest Park, enjoyed some shopping on NW 23rd, picked up my wedding dress, and I took my sister bouldering. I loved having them here all to myself!

photo 33

photo 21

I had my wedding dress altered by the cutest Vietnamese dress maker in SE Portland. Kim did an amazing job of hacking off the train and making small adjustments *ahem* elsewhere. She has the tiniest shop at the Fubonn Shopping Center with a small corner with a curtain as the “dressing room”. I don’t need nothin’ fancy!


Jesse and I ran a quick 5k on Mt. Tabor last week and I went out again with Riley later that night for a really quick 2 miles, but that had been the extent of my “training” in the past few weeks. Even Riley gave up after 2 miles that day, forcing me to walk him home, as he wouldn’t run any more.

Last night I decided I needed some time in Forest Park so I drove to Lower Macleay straight from work and got to it. I knew the trail was going to be dry so I figured my road shoes would be okay and ended up with sore toes and a couple blisters – but I PRed on just about every section, so it turned out to be a good Wednesday 10 miler. Good work, Brooks Ravennas!

photo 289

Also, because I had the random photo, I’ll let you know that I love pink running gear (except none of the pinks actually match. Go figure). See?

photo 291

The next event I have my eye on is the Condor 25k in Corvallis. Should be hard work, but is on some nice trails I’ve not run before! Here’s hoping it’ll be rainy!

photo 12



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