Birthday Hiking

I agreed to hike Elk Mountain-King’s Mountain for Jesse’s birthday weekend; it wasn’t a huge mistake but it was definitely a challenge! We ended up only getting to the Elk Mountain summit; a 3 mile out and back, but gains over 2,000 feet. It’s the hands-on-quads kind of hike in Tillamook State Forest, with a rating of ‘very difficult’. This hike was no joke. (Though it’s nothing compared to the Red Bull 400 – the steepest race in Europe. Seriously, watch the video. It’s intense!)

We set out “early” on Sunday (*ahem* noon) and started our hike around 1:30 PM. With the hope of doing the entire 9-mile loop, we ran out time with our looming dinner reservations that evening. That was likely¬†for the best, though, because my glutes were in agony the next day from only 3 miles!

It was a beautiful day for hiking; breezy and warm, but not hot. We encountered only one other hiker on our route..which is probably average for that hike. We also saw some of the world’s largest slugs (at least in my opinion). Those things were terrifying!

This picture doesn’t even come close to capturing the vivid greens in the forest!

photo 1

“Where’s the summit, Jesse!?”


photo 2

While we were off galavanting in the woods, guess who got her first haircut!? Five inches shorter, but still “Elsa-esque”. That’s important.


This 4th of July weekend we are headed to Idaho for some camping, boating, and family time. Looking forward to Palouse Falls!


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