Update: 6/16/14-6/26/14

Today is my beloved’s birthday! We’ll be celebrating with steak and cake – as it should be.


I’ve been a little MIA on this blog because I’ve been busy working on a different one for our France adventure! More details to come, as it’s still under construction, but I’m loving the look of it and can’t wait to share!

We were busy over the weekend with lots of celebratory BBQs so the running has been minimal. But let’s be honest…running is a four season sport but having grilled burgers in the sun with friends is usually only a summer thing, so I’m happy to miss a training day (or 3) to enjoy it.

Friday we were in the fancy part of town for my boss’ daughter’s graduation party and being only steps from Forest Park was taunting us all evening. We socialized and ate lightly then made our way out for a lovely 8 miler. I chose the Pittock Mansion route, resulting in some serious climbing!

Saturday was my friend’s birthday and we spent the afternoon in Kenton celebrating. Then Sunday was another friend’s birthday celebration/summer solstice party and again we found ourselves in Kenton partying it up.

Yesterday I ran from downtown Portland up to Council Crest on the Marquam Trail (more climbing!). I hadn’t been up to see that view in a while and it was perfect running weather.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5 photo 4

And this is Riley from Tuesday night at home. I just love his whole face!

photo 1


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