National Trails Day!

Apparently it’s a thing. See?

It was Saturday, June 7th and Jesse and I volunteered with the Forest Park Conservancy to do some trail maintenance on Wildwood, since we run there all the time and all. It was really dreadful to wake up so early on a Saturday but I shouldn’t complain; it felt really good to do some volunteer work and get in some upper body strength training as well. We ended up being on the crew for “spring cleaning”. Jesse’s tool of choice was the weed whip and I followed along with a rake. The other option was moving and spreading gravel to repair a washed out section of the trail and while we may have ended up with the “easier” option, we were both hurting on Sunday anyway! After the work was done, REI was raffling off some gear to the volunteers and I won a pretty sweet coffee mug. Not to brag or anything…(okay, just a little, but I never win things. It was kind of a big deal). Oh, and they gave us the t-shirts. We weren’t matching on purpose. We’re not that couple =]


We followed up our work with a little breakfast food, some relaxing at home, and then went to see The Fault in Our Stars. Yes, I left the theater sobbing. Damn you, John Green.

In other news, look who got her passport so she can go to auntie Bobi’s wedding! She’ll show it to’s in this little blue book!



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