More Miles, More Fun

A few more days of running behind me. Here’s what I was up to all week:

Monday, 4/28: Rest day, of course.

Tuesday, 4/29: 8 “easy” miles with Jesse on Wildwood after work.

Wednesday, 4/30: I was running “for fun in the hot, hot sun!”, as Dr. Seuss would say! I did 5 miles downtown and there were so.many.cyclists on the waterfront! Sometimes I think those clowns should be banned. And other times I feel jealous of their sweet rides, while I’m running along miserably, checking my watch every .2 seconds hoping to see progress. Plus…the Cinco de Mayo Festival was in set-up mode and I wasn’t able to cut up to the parking garage as I typically would, resulting in a bigger loop than normal. But it was interesting to see all the carnival-y things in their eerily dead state.

Thursday, 5/1: 5 miles on Wildwood with Jesse and Riley. Another hot day in Portland and we were certain Riley was going to combust, even though it was late evening. We were also nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes, cutting our outdoor stretch session short! Felt like summer…

Friday, 5/2: Rest day!

Saturday, 5/3: 18.5 miles. This “little” loop I mapped out had us start at Pittock Mansion and run to the Saltzman firelane where we caught Leif Erickson and ran back to NW. My friend Erin and I had been shopping all day and I talked her into joining us for the first bit, as she needed to do a 10 miler that weekend. Then her 10 miles turned into 13 miles. And then eventually we decided she’d just join for all 18, a distance PR for her as well! – I attribute the final commitment to our beef jerky offer. That stuff is so good mid-run! We finished with a decent time and had perfect running weather through Forest Park. A little drizzly and about 64 degrees. The pictures are a lie – we were running in t-shirts, I swear!

photo 1

photo 2

On the drive home after the run, we were in separate vehicles and Jesse sent me a text that he had to make a quick detour. I was showered and in my pajamas by the time he made it home, but he had stopped and bought me 18 hot pink roses…one for every mile I ran that day. Could he be any f***ing sweeter!? I just love him. (He also brought Starburst jelly beans and Reese’s PB cups, but those are 2nd place by far).

photo 5

photo 3









Sunday, 5/4: Rest, rest, and more rest. After our long run, my knee was really bothering me in a “I may or may not be injured” sort of way, causing me to be really paranoid about having done some real damage. So I took it easy, put some frozen brussels sprouts on it and began hoping with all my might that it was only fatigue.

Total weekly miles: 36.5

Oh, and I bought my wedding dress. “It’s all downhill from here”? Please, let it be so!


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