Just Another Training Week

I had a goal in mind this week and I fell short. I’m told this happens sometimes, that I can get it next week, and that I still did some really good work, but of course my harshest critic is myself. I was really disappointed in myself on Saturday. Here’s how my week turned out, though:

Monday, 4/21: Rest

Tuesday, 4/22: 8.0 miles along the Springwater Corridor. I was feeling really great on this run and my stats showed really consistent miles. Plus, the scenery is hard to beat for an urban run!


Wednesday, 4/23: 4.6 miles with a friend in NW/Forest Park. I love this loop with her – a little climbing, a little descending, a little trail, and a little urban. She’s also a great running buddy and I always love our catch-ups.

Thursday, 4/24: Rest/heavy lifting. Our good friends are selling their house and moving out of state so I reluctantly helped her clean and stage their home for photos.

Friday, 4/25: 5.6 miles around downtown Portland. It ended up being a convoluted bridge loop and I just missed the downpour(s).

Saturday, 4/26: 13.1 miles on Wildwood with Jesse. It was a good distance, but I won’t talk about performance. Still feeling down about it…

Sunday, 4/27: Rest/more moving assistance.

Total weekly miles = 31.3

I suppose I can’t complain too much about that number. I’m still getting stronger, setting goals and PRs, all while remaining realistic and accepting that bad runs and bad weeks happen. I need to remember to embrace the good runs and be proud of my progress no matter what. This week is supposed to be like summer in PDX – looking forward to taking advantage!


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