Easter 2014

photo 1

This past week has been really quiet on the running front, as we’ve been incredibly busy with other things [insert gasps from the running community here].

Wednesday night we were at the Blazers v. Clippers game at the Rose Garden. NOT the Moda Center. Let’s be clear on that. They won and everything was wonderful – except the kids behind us kicking the seats and the dude who spilled his drink on Jesse. So it goes.

Thursday night we were going to head to Idaho for Easter weekend with my family but ended up staying the night at home due to some work emergencies and we ended up getting a good amount of wedding planning done.

Friday was spent in the beloved Subaru with a whiney, whiney Riley. Seven hours later we arrived at my parents house just in time for dinner. The next few days were spent in a tiny Idaho town doing Easter-y things with my niece, Sheridan. There was an Easter egg “hunt”:

photo 2

photo 3


We colored eggs and Riley got a haircut:

photo 5photo 4


photo 2-1

Jesse and I ran 10 miles on Saturday (it was grueling…we don’t have to talk about it) and then my sister hosted a girl’s only party at her house so Jesse and my dad refinished our new coffee table in the meantime.


On Sunday we had a big breakfast, took the dogs to the park to run and play, enjoyed some stencil fun with Sheridan, and then Jesse and I drove back to Portland.

photo 1-1

Jesse is off to Canada this week for work so last night we really committed to getting our invitations done. This is how things ended up:


The plan is to get some good runs in this week and plan some sort of epic weekend adventure, per usual!


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