Okay, so I’m not actually a fan of Kanye West but sometimes that line gets stuck in my head and it seems applicable for this weekend.

The top weekend priority was wedding planning. And that was great…we made a little progress. Second priority was a big long run in the hot, hot sun.

Here’s the ‘before’ photo:

photo 1

Yes, we’re both wearing our SOB shirts. In Jesse’s defense, he had his on first and I decided on mine second. There was much discussion about this and we finally concluded that…well…who the heck cares?

Anyways, it was 70 degrees and gorgeous in Portland and we mapped out a 16 mile section on Wildwood to conquer. And basically we dominated it. It was extremely hard work and took a really long time, but at this point I am setting distance PRs every weekend and I am thoroughly enjoying seeing my progress. Of course this run might as well have been a 5k for Jesse, but I am forever grateful for his support and his company. And, per Kanye, I am certainly getting “…better, faster, stronger!”

Here’s the after photo:

photo 2


With sore toes and a slight limp, we went out for some dinner afterwards. This is always a must for Jesse and a baaaaad idea for me, as I still get really queasy after running. Anyone have tips on how to get over this? It’s a real bummer…


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