Just Do It

Wednesday in Portland was a little reminiscent of a typhoon. It was gray and miserable outside and it was oh-so-tempting to rush home to my sweatpants. Alas, I knew I needed to run. I hadn’t been on a “real” run since Silver Falls (Riley and I attempted a 5K which took over an hour and was miserable for us both…but I digress) and I knew I had to go.

I cried for inspiration on Facebook and Tumblr, changed my clothes at work to help the motivational process, then navigated my way to Forest Park and just…began.

It was so rainy! I know, I know, I live in Portland and have for many years. I’ve seen all the kinds of rain there could ever possibly be, but it still surprises me how, sometimes, when it rains it pours.

The creek in Forest Park was raging, the trail was washed away in some places, flooding over and muddy. It was difficult to get going (again, it had been a while) but then I saw my first “other runner” and let go of my lazy thoughts and just got into it.


And it ended up being the best run I’ve had in a long time.

I was thoroughly enjoying the mist through the trees, the rain on fallen logs, jumping over mud puddles, being extra careful on the wooden bridges. I made a point to not look at my GPS watch in search of my current distance or pace and to just slow down when I wanted/needed and then speed back up when I felt better. I stopped to take photos now and then and didn’t let myself worry about how that would affect my end time. I needed just a casual run, I decided.


 I saw only two other runners after the initial guy, but it was almost better that way. It made me feel even more hardcore! Ha!


I turned around at Wildwood/Birch trail intersection and headed back, not wanting to get stuck in the dark, having only my wimpy iPhone flashlight. Being a little bit OCD, I ended up running about a mile in the Alphabet District to make it an even 7 miles.


A great end to a dark day. And got to go home to this guy, who was also soaked:



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