Whisked Away to Whistler

Back in the fall, as we were registering for winter running events, I agreed to do the Hagg Lake Mud Run 25K, and Jesse signed up to do the double feature (50K on Saturday and 25K on Sunday…eek!). Upon further review, I noticed this happened to fall on Valentine’s weekend and I was less than thrilled. I thought it would be awful to spend two full days at Hagg Lake just running, but agreed nonetheless, as Hagg was Jesse’s very first ultra and he was determined to beat his previous time. We later found out that we both had the following Monday off for President’s Day as well, and it seemed like an additional downside. *sigh*

Just a few days before the event, Jesse suggested we skip Hagg and get out of town instead. Secretly delighted, I was eager to brainstorm a long weekend adventure. San Fran? Bend? Canada?

The Whistler option won and the night was then consumed with booking accommodations, lift tickets, arranging for doggie daycare, etc. I do just love spontaneity..when it’s carefully planned. 😉

We drove to Vancouver Friday night, arriving at the hotel around midnight. I’m always irritated at my dependence on technology when I have to be without, but we successfully navigated to the hotel using only text directions rather than GPS. Always a good skill to retain!

After a quick breakfast buffet at the hotel, we headed straight to Whistler-Blackcomb and were skiing by noon. The snow wasn’t great but I had never been to Whistler before and was excited just to be there.

This is what happens when we try to take selfies:


Ok, that’s better…

Love the trees in Jesse's goggles!

Love the trees in Jesse’s goggles!

It was snowing by the time they called last run and they predicted over 20cm (err…9 inches) to accumulate that night. Our drive to our rental was sketchy at best, but we were in the Subaru so it was no big thang!

Our rental was a small basement apartment in Pemberton. Our host had a helpful “welcome book” with local business suggestions and we ended up at The Pony for dinner. It is a rustic place with the Olympics on every channel – I do love Canada for that.

We arrived at the hill a little later than planned on Sunday due to a detour to a local bakery in Pemberton for “breakfast”. I’m such a sucker for pain au chocolat!



The line(s) for the lifts were absolutely ridiculous! We shopped for some neck warmers (I was only slightly miserable the day before regarding the cold) and were able to avoid what was apparently a 45-50 minute wait. But then, of course, that means everyone is on the hill!

The snow on Sunday was really great – lots of fresh snow and less ice. The view was not as great, though, as it was foggy and snowing pretty much all day.

I will admit, I was anticipating Whistler being extremely intimidating. I’ve been skiing since forever but I am still a pretty cautious skier. I very much dislike moguls and am slow on black diamonds, double or not, but I was pleasantly surprised at the ratios of beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs they had. No wonder people stay for weeks! Jesse is a far superior skier than I, but he is sweet and picks the trails he knows I’ll enjoy and I try not to whine (or seem annoyed) when we change it up to his preference. I must say, we make a pretty good ski team.


                                                                                          Though clearly I’m a gold medalist here…

On Monday we made a quick stop at The Pony for brunch, an even quicker stop in Vancouver for Jesse’s coveted watermelon bubble tea (yes, it’s a thing) and made our way back to Portland.

It was definitely a whirlwind weekend, but it was fabulous nonetheless.


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