Well, it’s official. I’ve been alive for a quarter century. Turning 25 didn’t bother me as much as I anticipated but that’s likely because I love birthdays and this year was no exception!

Last year was my “golden” birthday. I’ve been told this is a mid-west thing only, but I love the idea nonetheless. I turned 24 on the 24th and I took a week-long trip with my mom to Hawaii. It was fabulous…see? Hawaii Jan 2013

This year, my incredible boyfriend took me to Boulder. As the mecca of all things outdoors, it seemed like a great fit for us both – some running, some skiing, some climbing, and other Boulder-y things like test-driving mountain bikes and dining on Pearl Street.

We left Portland Thursday night so that I could wake up in Colorado on my birthday. We flew to Denver and the woman at the sketchy rental car place somehow talked us into upgrading our Chevy Malibu midsized for a Nissan Frontier pickup. “The roads are dangerous!” she advised. Well, okay, it was a little more chilly than Portland, but the roads were clear. She had the most bizarre sense of humor and her lipstick was poorly applied, but we upgraded nonetheless. We drove up to Boulder and found our basement apartment rental (courtesy of AirBnB – love that site!). Our host wasn’t kidding, the front door was really a piece of art!

Friday, my actual birthday, we slept in some and then made our way to “downtown” Boulder. It’s such a cute little college town (comparatively, of course) and I wanted brunch. So we ate in the Buff. AT Buff, excuse me 😉 Delicious. The fruit “bowl” was intense.


We made our way to Pearl Street and wandered around. It was 55 degrees and so so sunny! Pacific Northwesterners are constantly amazed at how powerful the sun actually is!

Stemming from our mountain biking excursion from a few weekends ago, I’ve been on the lookout for a bike of my very own. I’ve found a cute, pink Specialized and was hoping to find a shop in Boulder to take it for a spin. While they didn’t have my exact model, they had something similar and we spent an hour or so cruising Boulder on bikes we had no intention of buying! Sorry new guy! You were extremely helpful and your naivety was adorable, but it was an informational stop only!

Later, I was in the mood to cut my hair. For those of you who know me, this is a big, big deal! I’ve had really long hair for many years and since the mood struck me, I knew it had to happen then or I’d change my mind! We found a lovely salon and 2 hours later, my hair was 5 inches shorter! Eep! Then was my birthday dinner at Salt. It. Was. Amazing. That is all.


On Saturday we did some Flatiron running (*ahem* hiking. Let’s be honest, trail running in Boulder is in.sane.) The weather was 60 degrees, sunny, and it felt like spring.


Saturday night we ended up at The Spot for some bouldering. Bouldering in Boulder? We couldn’t not. We both ended up really liking this gym and it even had a climbing treadmill! Jesse was too tall to use it properly, but novel all the same! And, to top it all off, I climbed a v.2 for the first time! Such a proud moment but my forearms were mad at me for the next three days.

Sunday, we somehow ended up sleeping lots and lots. Something about Colorado makes one really sleepy! [Insert comment about secondhand smoke here]. We ended up taking an afternoon drive in our “truck” around the mountains and there are really no words to say how beautiful it is. The winding roads, the mountains, the houses. All of it is truly incredible and I want to live there immediately, if not sooner.

It started snowing Sunday night and just didn’t stop. We ended up at the movie theater (we saw ‘Her‘) Sunday night and then just went “home”. By the time we woke up and got checked out of our place on Monday, there were several inches of snow on everything! It was really great to get to see Boulder in those two lights – spring and winter. It was cold, everyone starts driving a little slower, and the shops are quieter. Maybe that was because it was no longer the weekend, but for dramatics, I blame the snow!

Our plane wasn’t leaving until later that evening, so we still had all day Monday to play in Boulder. It was snowing the entire time, but it was really dry snow and once we got moving, the 18 degree temperature felt less obvious. We ended up getting all bundled up to do some snow trail running (*ahem* hiking). Look how cute we are!


An hour into our “run”, throwing snowballs, taking photos, and having a generally care-free time, we reached a clearing and a fork in the trail. Jesse wrote me a very special message in the snow, looked me right in the face, and in the middle of Colorado in a winter wonderland, he asked me to marry him. I am, without a doubt, the luckiest girl in the world.


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