Celebrate the Pain

Oh, summer. It was a simpler time. I remember dealing with blisters and tight calves and I would gladly trade in my current injuries for those injuries inconveniences! On the other hand, per usual, I’m not where I want to be, but I’m glad I’m not where I used to be! It’s a catch-22. But it seems to always be something.

Jesse and I headed to Forest Park on Sunday (not yesterday, but the Sunday before). He opted for Wildwood, while I thought I should stick to Leif Erickson Drive. I was feeling okay – hip pain coming and going and ended up doing a slow 6 miles. I was sore afterwards and stretching was painful. Even more painful was our subsequent REI trip where I was in agony and limping around quite pathetically. Monday I was practically hobbled and was finally offered some relief on Tuesday morning. Until….midnight. I woke up with shooting nerve pain through my ass, hips, and thighs. Tossing and turning to no avail, I finally had to seek some help/advice from trusty ol’ Google. After a few hours of research, Jesse and I [unofficially] concluded that I have Piriformis Syndrome/sciatica. Several Youtube videos later (this one, strangely enough, has been the most helpful) and endless stretching that indeed proves that I’m not very bendy, I was feeling defeated and decided more yoga is exactly what I should be doing. I began looking at various yoga studios, scheduled an appointment with a new PT, and began dramatically thinking my running “career” was over (over the top, I know, but I blame WebMD).

As much as I was enjoying my new life with constant nerve pain, I was still reading all I could about how to proceed with training for, well, anything or just exercising in general. Some websites said to stop running immediately; others said it’s really important to continue being active. I thought swimming might be good, but was told it wouldn’t make difference, as it works the same muscles. I figured, though, that only I know what my body is telling me and decided to just run anyways.

And so I did. Thursday night I did a few miles after work downtown and was pain-free. Saturday morning I met L in Forest Park for 8 pain-free miles and on Sunday, went mountain biking for the first time with Jesse and some friends and was pain-free for those miles as well. Not sure what happened there – was the injury not what I thought it was? Could all this stretching really make it better in just a few days? Likely too soon to tell but in any case, I am grateful!

The weekend ended with a trip to the symphony, which I always enjoy, and I am looking forward to being in Colorado this week for my birthday!



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