More frustration…

pain ecard

Okay, maybe I don’t feel that strongly about rest days, but the frustration of an injury preventing running (rather than my own laziness) is mentally painful. 

I am starting to run regularly again – I was really terrible after Thanksgiving in the motivation department. Earlier this week I headed out after work for a casual 10K on a lovely evening. Not too cold, not raining, and eager to try out my new running gloves (I’ve worn these once and so far, love!). Things were going well. I was feeling a little slow but for the most part, I was a happy runner.

Until….about mile 3.

“The cold weather hurts my hip!” –Chandler Bing

My hip/groin muscle was feeling really tight, and I thought some stairs might be good – switch up the muscle usage a bit. That seemed fruitful, but by the end of the run I felt like I was really coaxing my left leg along and my range of motion was extremely limited. I walked back to my usual downtown stretching location for the normal routine and headed home.

The rest of the evening and the day after were not pleasant. Maybe my muscles have PTSD from our 25K “hike”? The pain was similar, but in one leg rather than both.

I went to my primary care physician for a “wtf” session. She “prescribed” me some physical therapy. Should be a good time…stay tuned.

Can I blame the weather, like Chandler!? This is very frustrating. I know I’m new at this, body, but c’mon! Looking forward to spring…


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