Silver Falls Marathon – 11/02/13

Earlier this month, after an excruciatingly long week (or two) away from home for work, Jesse returned to Oregon to run the 2013 Silver Falls Marathon. The night before was a good friend’s birthday so we were out partying it up until the wee hours of the….evening (i.e. home by 9:00 PM) playing some good ol’ Cards Against Humanity. What can I say? We are horrible people…

We arrived at Silver Falls with a ton of time to spare. The never-ending debate of “jacket or no jacket” was had, and then off to the starting line. Well hey there, good lookin’!

photo 1

I wore running clothes and was hopeful to go over to Shellburg Falls while Jesse was gettin’ his marathon on. I will admit, though, that I did not make this happen because it was cold and blustery that day at Silver Falls and I couldn’t talk myself into it. So what did I end up doing for 5 hours?


Soooo…..yeah. I enjoy post-apocalyptic YA novels, what of it? I am also a sucker for a strong female protagonist, but don’t judge me unless you’ve read them – they are addictive! Anyways, I read all the pages from the “comfort” of my car. And no, I don’t want to talk about the ending. Veronica Roth, if you’re reading this (what are the odds!?), I’m not speaking to you.

As I often do hanging around the finish line, I was partaking in some light jest with the volunteers and making new friends. I knew Jesse would be having a rough day, preceded by a rough week and it’s so much fun having these brief moments with strangers – they suddenly become your support crew best friends and cheer just as hard as you do when your runner is spotted. And, naturally, the sentiment is delightfully returned. I love it.

Despite being in less-than-peak condition, Jesse says Silver Falls delivered, per usual, the event was great, and it only hailed for a little while 🙂 At the end of the day, he still ran a freaking marathon! And he is ridiculously photogenic doing so, am I right? Or am I right?

Some photos from the finish line:

photo 2

Afterwards, we sat in the tent area for some post race food and, as we were both shivering quite a bit at this point, we hit the road for home. It’s been 2.5 weeks since, and Jesse’s shoes have yet to be cleaned off. Gotta love trail running!


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