Leif Erickson Drive

An afternoon run on Monday with L in Forest Park. Made her PR today on distance–ending with porta-potty stop in the dark! Few things are scarier.



Fall is my favorite


Fall is my favorite

October 23, 2013
North Portland in the morning. Everyone loves the St. John’s Bridge. There are constantly photographers on and around it. I love it, too, but had a special love for it this morning. Gorgeous.

We’ll see how this goes.

(Excited for the first post on my first blog!)

I have a Tumblr account, but I just can’t seem to use it for the purpose I want (I tend to be sidetracked by Arrested Development GIFs and pictures of baby animals). So, I introduce to you “Half…”. A place where I can (and should!) share my training, running events, some life stuff, and other adventures. Let’s get this party started!